Meet the sexy, single mom (😉)! I’m Beth, a 3rd Grade Literacy teacher with an interior design certification and currently studying for real-estate licensure (gotta have a back-up plan when you’re a teacher). In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, karaoke, and Latin dancing. I’m on a ladies only Bachata dance performance team.

For the most part, I grew up in Denver, but most likely belong where there is a beach, rain, and lots of overcast days! My parents, 101-year-old grandmother, and older brother live close by.

I tend to be the life of the party (enjoy being the center of attention) and love giving people a good laugh. I’m feisty, yet compassionate. I am passionate about social justice issues. I have one daughter, age 7, who is as strong-willed as her mother.  Motherhood is the upmost blessing and honor, AND it sucks ASS!!!!!